Towering Trunk II

I just finished this painting!

Towering Trunk II

Oil on Canvas, 20 x 16″

Painting by Cedar Lee, Looking Up Series: Towering Trunk II

I needed to replace my previous painting, Towering Trunk, which recently sold.  The original was painted from a photo I took on the campus of Goucher College, where I was first inspired to start painting trees.  I love that painting and wanted to make something similar–I thought it would be a fun challenge to paint a loose mirror image of the original “Towering Trunk.”  Here you can see the 2 paintings side by side–the new one is on the right.

Paintings by Cedar Lee, Looking Up Series: Towering Trunk I and II

You can see the dimensions of the 2 paintings are different, the new one being wider, and the colors are different–the new painting has a bluer sky.  While the large tree in the middle and the direction of the light source in the 2 paintings are approximate mirror images of each other, I’ve changed the background quite a bit.

The new painting is going to RiverView Gallery in Havre de Grace, MD next week–after the paint has dried!

4 thoughts on “Towering Trunk II”

  1. I love this Cedar. I’ve always loved your looking up trees and it’s brilliant that you did a mirror image yet it shows your progress as a painter too in the “reflection”. I’m so happy for your success and I know there will be more to come!


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