Ada Monroe

I have some more cat art for you!

Ada Monroe
8″ x 10″ Acrylic on Canvas

Ada Monroe

2 thoughts on “Ada Monroe”

  1. Hello. I love the garden stuff on your art web page. My daughter lives and goes to school in Baltimore MICA right now and I love my garden too. I have planted fruit trees for their birth trees and I love to plant anything edible. Have you tried growing hops? A very cool vine that I can use for beer making too. I also like to grow horse radish for a backing of the garden it makes a neat wall and carrots in the front before my wife puts in the flowers. the kids live to pull them out after the garden dies out. Oh and nice cat!

  2. Your garden sounds lovely! I have never grown hops–but there are a lot of things I’ve never grown.

    I came very close to going to MICA–it’s a great school!


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