Cherry Blossoms & Quani

The other day I went out in the backyard with my camera and laid on the ground under my cherry tree. Despite the beauty of the old tree, the photos I took had a pretty bleak feeling to them because of the utter lack of any type of foliage or other visible life–just branches and freezing cold sky. It was a cold day, and I scurried back inside after snapping a few quick photos.

In anticipation of springtime, I used creative license when making this painting–I used one of my photos as a reference but then embellished the image, adding a spattering of pink buds and blossoms. Cherry blossom season is so fleeting–if I get a little too busy, it’s easy to nearly miss the magical transformation of my tree every spring.

April Cherry Blossoms
Acrylic on Canvas 30 x 24″

April Cherry Blossoms

April Cherry Blossoms in a room:

April Cherry Blossoms in a Room

And here is my portrait of my cat, Quani. As you can see, she has a very intense look about her.

Acrylic on Canvas 8 x 10″


2 thoughts on “Cherry Blossoms & Quani

  1. Jenn

    *smiles* I really wish you were closer. It’d be so nice to be able to hang out. Have fun!

    Oh, and before I forget, what does Quani’s name mean? Just curious. 🙂

  2. Cedar

    Haha–It’s short for “Fuquani.” It means nothing–my husband made it up when we got her as a kitten 8 years ago. He was going for an African sound.

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