Golden Sunflowers in Blue Skies

Here is the latest group of 9 sunflower oil paintings on wood panels (finally!)  Golden sunflowers against clear blue skies–I am calling these the “Summer Gold” series.

They are all 16 x 16″.

Summer Gold I

Summer Gold II

Summer Gold III

Summer Gold IV

Summer Gold V

Summer Gold VI

Summer Gold VII

Summer Gold VIII

Summer Gold IX

They are intended to be displayed in a grid of 9:

Summer Gold sunflower paintings in a grid

But, like all my sunflower paintings, they are meant to be versatile in their arrangement–pick and choose, mix and match, hang them alone, in rows, clusters or grids.  (Can you imagine a field of 100 of these paintings?)

Here you can see them in indoor light, laid out on the floor of my studio:

As I painted these, it brought back memories of seeing rolling hills filled with fields upon glorious fields of sunflowers in Kansas (or was it Nebraska?) during a road trip my family took across the U.S. when I was 10.

There was a lovely blurb about me in a local newspaper this week.  A reporter came to my studio to interview me–it was fun!  Click here to read the article: “Local Art to Improve Your Health.”

3 thoughts on “Golden Sunflowers in Blue Skies

  1. samos

    Cedar, the new paintings are SO beautiful! You outdid yourself chica! =)
    Congratulations on the article too! It was great!

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