Glow Within

Here is “Glow Within.” I think it’s a great representation of what my Lotus Series is all about, and what inspired me to paint lotus flowers in the first place:

The lotus is a metaphor for the light of the human soul transcending the darkness that surrounds it. It grows out of a mucky, scummy, vile swamp but is pure, clean and vibrant, perfectly symmetrical, delicate and fragrant.

This oil painting is called “Glow Within” because it looks like the lotus flower is lit from within and glowing brightly, even compared to its relatively glowy surroundings. It is analogous to the “light” of unique personality, animation and human spirit inside of each person.

Glow Within. 30″ x 24″, Oil on Canvas. © Cedar Lee 2013
Glow Within. 30″ x 24″, Oil on Canvas. © Cedar Lee 2013

It’s been a long time since I’ve done a Lotus painting. For the past year I’ve been focused more-or-less only on my Cosmic Dance series, which I plan to continue until it feels complete to me, if that ever happens. But I was really drawn to revisit this theme this week. For one thing, I LOVE painting these! There is something satisfying about the rich, sensual color scheme, especially when applying the paint and seeing it come together on the canvas. The symbolism of the lotus blossom continues to be an inspiration for me. And I’ve gotten many requests from owners of my previous Lotus paintings (almost all sold) to make more of them.

I feel that my increased technical skill is evident in this painting when compared to earlier Lotus paintings–this is of course a natural and expected progression that all artists experience, but nonetheless it always delights me to see the proof. This painting is available for sale here, where you can also see the rest of my current and ever-changing inventory. Enjoy!

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