Crisp Autumn Night

This painting is called Crisp Autumn Night because it makes me feel the cold air shocking my lungs for the first time after a long, hot summer. It brings to mind that moment when autumn is in full swing.

Crisp Autumn Night. 10" x 8", Oil on Canvas, © Cedar Lee 2013
Crisp Autumn Night. 10″ x 8″, Oil on Canvas, © Cedar Lee 2013

Cool moisture is rolling in on thick clouds, earthy smells fill the air, and everything seems vibrant–the change of season bringing on excitement.

The leaves of the tree are a flaming orange-red, under a brilliant, clear full moon in a deep blue sky.


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  1. And this one I also love so much! Actually a lot of your paintings I adore, might a little fan of you work! Kind regards, silvia

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