Here they are!  For those of you who have been waiting to see the new Sunflower art, thanks for your patience.

Now, I can’t take credit for the creativity of these titles–all of these are actual names of varieties of sunflowers that can be found in seed catalogs.  I LOVE the names!

Without further ado, here they are–all 16″ x 16″, oil colors on hardboard panels, with the painting continued onto the 1.5″ deep wooden sides.

Apricot Twist

Sunflower Art: Apricot Twist

Prado Red

Sunflower Art: Prado Red


Sunflower Art: Ikarus

Indian Blanket

Sunflower Art: Indian Blanket

Peach Passion

Sunflower Art: Peach Passion

Red Sun V

Sunflower Art: Red Sun V


Sunflower Art: Jade

Strawberry Blonde

Sunflower Art: Strawberry Blonde

Prado Gold

Sunflower Art: Prado Gold

These 9 paintings can be displayed individually, grouped in any number and configuration, or hung in a grid, like this.

Sunflower Paintings Displayed in a Grid

This artwork will add a sunny pizazz to your decor. They can add color and punch to a neutral, light and airy atmosphere, or they can become the centerpiece for a decor with warm, rich earth tones.

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