Springtime Zoie, Sassy Zoie

I’ve just finished 2 new paintings of a little girl named Zoie.

In this reference photo, it looks like she’s in her Easter clothes, and I see her as an embodiment of the hopefulness of spring–a carefree, sweet, laughing little girl.

Springtime Zoie Reference Photo

So I titled this painting “Springtime Zoie.”

10″ x 8″, Acrylic on Canvas

Springtime Zoie

You might be interested to see how many unexpected colors you can find in a portrait painting when you look closely.  The squares of color below are all samples from the actual painting, pulled from the image with an eyedropper tool.

Springtime Zoie Colors

In the second photo, she looks silly and mischievous but also very self-composed, which gives us a slight glimpse of the woman she’ll someday be.  She wears a sassy little smirk that I can imagine on her grown-up face as she teases her friends at her kitchen table.

Sassy Zoie Reference Photo

So I call this one “Sassy Zoie.”

10″ x 8″, Acrylic on Canvas

Sassy Zoie

This is the same Zoie I painted almost 2 years ago, when she was much littler.  Despite her appearance changing as she grows older, you can see it’s the same little girl in all 3 paintings because they all have the same vivacious, shining eyes.


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