Russet Leaves Video, Daisies

A couple years ago, I did a painting called “Emerald Leaves,” from a photo I took of an old, stately tree in a city park in Venice, Italy. Our trip there was a college graduation present to myself and a second honeymoon for my husband and I. “Emerald Leaves,” as you can guess, included an abundance of leaves in several shades of brilliant green.

The painting I finished yesterday is the same tree, from the same angle, but during the fall. The leaves of the tree are now shades of brown and warm orange.

This painting is going to a brand new gallery out in Utah that is opening in August!

40 x 30″, Oil on Canvas

Russet Leaves

Russet Leaves

Here’s a video of me painting “Russet Leaves:”

Also for the Utah gallery, I made a near-copy of my previous painting “Daisies.” This version has more vivid colors and a slightly darker background than the original “Daisies.”

18 x 24″ Oil on Canvas

Daisies II

Daisies II

The painting demo event at the gallery last Saturday went great! I got a constant stream of curious visitors all day long.

Cedar Painting at Twigs & Leaves Gallery

I’m so grateful for all the people who stopped by to see me–besides the crowds of passing tourists, I was visited by a friend from high school, an employee of the North Carolina Arboretum who suggested I have an art show in their gallery, and a fellow artist, who until this point I had only met online!

At one point my entire family showed up and filled the gallery with boisterous laughter for a couple of hours.

Cedar Painting at Twigs & Leaves Gallery

2 thoughts on “Russet Leaves Video, Daisies”

  1. Cedar! Thank you so very much for linking my blogspot in your newsletter and mentioning that I dropped by for a visit. It was such a treat to meet you and finally see your work in person. Best of all was to be there when your wonderful family dropped by. I’d probaby get face laugh cramps if I were to spend any time around them. I hope you get a chance to show at the Arboretum, it’s a fabulous idea!

  2. Sounds like someone is having the “Best Week Ever!” Congrat’s on the Gallery representation, that’s hard work to get and keep! Great Job. The art…of course is as always inspiring, full of movement, and wonderful texture. I adore the dasiy painting, as they are my favorite flower. Have a great 4th!

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