Pollination & Deep Roots

Two new paintings for you today!


Pollination, 24 x 72″, Oil/Canvas, © Cedar Lee

This painting is 2 separate panels, meant to be hung with a couple inches of space between them:

I wasn’t sure about the title at first. I don’t think there is literal pollination happening between the two trees here. I intended it as a love connection of sorts, or a communication of life force between the two beings. Then I considered that since they are trees, “pollination” is an appropriate description, if not a literal one.

This painting is very large, and you can’t really get a feeling for the scale of it just looking at photos!

The second painting is titled “Deep Roots.” I was inspired to paint it after reading a book to my child: “I Can Name 50 Trees Today!: All About Trees,” part of the “Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That” series. The page about the Wild Fig tree states: “Nearly 400 feet deep grow the roots of this fig. That’s almost as deep as this oil-drilling rig.”

Incidentally, based on the scale of the tree and its roots in my painting, the roots I painted are probably only 150-200 feet deep, if that. But still visually impressive! This ties into my recurring theme of yin and yang, heaven and earth, and balance in general: we tend to think of trees as reaching upwards into the sky, but in reality, they also reach down into the earth just as much, or many times more.

Deep Roots, 20 x 20″, Oil/Canvas, © Cedar Lee

3 thoughts on “Pollination & Deep Roots”

  1. Wow! ……….wow. I watched a movie the other day — an old Tennessee Williams called “The Fugitive Kind,” with Marlon Brando. Maureen Stapleton was a painter and when asked why did her painting look a certain way she said, “I paint the way I feel about a thing.” I thought of you. It is an incredible gift to be able to do this and you certainly do. (: ))

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