Painting: Fall Color

This is painted from a photo I took during a walk a few months ago.  It was a clear, crisp day when the trees were at the height of their bright fall colors, and the sunlight played in the leaves of the giant trees above me.

Fall Color

10″ x 8″, Acrylic on Canvas

Painting by Cedar Lee: Fall Color

Some close-up details:

Fall Color Detail 1

Fall Color Detail 2

3 thoughts on “Painting: Fall Color”

  1. christy kachline

    It is a beautiful painting. Fall is my favorite time of year with such a splendid array of colors! I also love looking upward into the trees peaking beyond to the perfect autumn sky. Keep the creativity flowing and best wishes on your upcoming trip. Maybe you could use some of the tropical vegetation that many of us never get to see up close and personal.


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