Lotus Flower Art

My paintings of lotus flowers have really connected with art buyers. Of the original six paintings, all but one are now sold!

The Lotus Series is striking and elegant, painted in opulent tones of ruby, ivory, sage green and gold. Here are the 3 newest additions to the series:

All are 20″ x 20″, Oil on Canvas.

Lotus VII
Lotus VII

Lotus VIII
Lotus VIII

Lotus IX
Lotus IX


Note: added July 25, 2009: These 3 paintings have been sold.

12 thoughts on “Lotus Flower Art”

  1. Cedar, I love your new lotus series. They’re very strong yet delicate and beautiful all the same. Hope you have a wonderful Easter!


  2. Hi Cedar, i love your paintings, they are gorgeous!!
    As my name IS Lotus, I have been thinking on getting a lotus flower tattoo, how would you feel if the design was based on one of your paintings?
    Please let me know,

  3. Hi Lotus,

    Beautiful name!

    Sure, that’s fine with me and thank you for asking. All I’d ask in return is for you to send me a photo of your finished tattoo.

    Email me if you do decide to use one of my paintings for your design! –Cedar at ArtByCedar.com.

  4. Hi
    I love your lotus VII VIII X1 paintings. Was wondering if I could buy them and if so
    how much?

  5. Louise, I’m sorry, somebody has already put these paintings on layaway. But I plan to do more of this series soon–I’ll email you!

  6. Hi! I LOVE your three red lotus flower paintings – you still making/selling those? how much are they?


    Kali Carter

  7. I really like your paintings and would be interested in seeing more. As an artist myself, I always enjoy studying the different ways people paint the same subjects. Keep sharing. Hopefully I’ll get some of my stuff up here soon. Thanks again! Namaste!

  8. Hi Rebecca,

    As of now, all of my Lotus paintings are sold except for 2 that I’ve been enjoying in my home. They are not specifically up for sale anywhere, but I am open to selling them if you’re interested in either. Please email me: Cedar@ArtByCedar.com and I will send you details.

    I am also open to commissions to fit your budget & wall size requirements. Thanks!

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