HoCo Open 2010

My painting “Cosmic Dance III” is currently on display as part of “Hoco Open 2010,” an exhibit of work by local artists at the Howard County Arts Center.

I was unfortunately out of town when the opening reception happened, but I stopped by to see the show on my own last week and thought I’d shares some photos of the large range of strong pieces there.  I found myself in good company!

This is an amazing gallery space–a few years back I worked there on contract as a gallery installer, hanging all the shows!

That big painting in the middle is mine.

Very long wall!

The opposite long wall.

Wonderful variety of artwork–something for everybody.

For anyone who wants to go see the exhibit in person, it will be up until August 13th.  The address of the gallery is: 8510 High Ridge Road Ellicott City, Maryland 21043, and gallery hours are M-F 10am-8pm, Sat 10am-4pm, Sun 12-4pm.

2 thoughts on “HoCo Open 2010”

  1. What a small world it is. I googled “how to stretch a canvas” on youtube and ended up on your video which then led me to your website. As I was looking at your beautiful paintings, I realized, WAIT, I’ve seen that signature before.

    I’ve spent a few minutes trying to figure out where I’ve seen your painting and signature before and just can’t pinpoint it. I then realized that you’re from Miami, the city that I am from as well. Maybe it’s somewhere there? I wish I could figure it out 🙁

  2. Hmmm–I don’t know either! But I’m all over the Internet and my paintings are in different people’s houses all over the place too. Maybe you know some of my family in Miami and saw my art hanging in their homes? I don’t know!

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