From the Art By Cedar Archives: Tree & Summer Field

I made these paintings, titled laconically “Tree” and “Summer Field” for a painting class in college. I remember during the class critique, my professor thought that my color choices combined with the movement in these paintings was reminiscent of Charles Burchfield‘s landscapes.

At this time I was still new to oils, having dabbled in them, but being more familiar with acrylics up to that point. Painting in layers and glazes, though now a standard technique for me, was not yet in my repertoire. Today, I might wait for the first layer to dry, then switch to a smaller brush to add detail in subsequent layers. Then, I was working with one large brush and all in one go. So these paintings have a rough, blurry feel to them. But I think it works. There is something to be said for the fresh approach of an inexperienced painter!

Tree. 36″ x 18″, Oil on Canvas, © 2004 Cedar Lee

I do love these sunny paintings. The way the young tree is bending backwards, it looks like it’s dancing.

Summer Field. 36" x 18", Oil on Canvas, © 2004 Cedar Lee
Summer Field. 36″ x 18″, Oil on Canvas, © 2004 Cedar Lee

My favorite part of “Summer Field” is the way the sunlight falls on those wildflowers in the foreground. And, notice the bees!

I intended them to be hung side by side as a diptych. I sold the set for $1,000 and the new owner chose to get them framed.

Cedar Lee paintings "Tree" and "Summer Field" framed
Cedar Lee paintings “Tree” and “Summer Field” framed

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