From the Art By Cedar Archives: Towering Trunk

This painting from 2005 is called “Towering Trunk.” It’s an exciting painting to me because it shows that at this point, I was fully into the genesis of my “Looking Up” series.

It was the first time I painted the thick bark of a tree in such sharp contrast.

Towering Trunk. 24" x 16", Acrylic on Canvas, © 2005 Cedar Lee

The treetops in the aqua blue sky appear blurred, as if everything is underwater. The yellow sun covers everything in warm, buttery light. There’s a slight fish eye lens perspective. There’s a bit of an otherworldly quality to the image.

I can see here how I was exploring not only the theme of the forest, but all the myriad ways to depict a forest while also playing with the paint, playing with the color and the contrast of an image.

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