Flare & New Studio

Here is my painting “Flare.” It’s my depiction of a stellar flare, but not from our sun. This star is a faraway blue giant.

I wish it were possible to witness the constant fiery undulations of stars with our naked eyes.

Flare. 24" x 24", Oil on Wood, © 2013 Cedar Lee
Flare. 24″ x 24″, Oil on Wood, © 2013 Cedar Lee

This is such a lovely and exciting image to me–I’m already developing this theme more in the studio.

…Speaking of my studio!!!

If I’ve been quiet lately it’s because I’m in the process of building my new studio out in the avocado grove behind my family’s house! The exterior structure is completely built.

Art Studio of Cedar Lee

It’s only 120 square feet, so I won’t be using it for exhibition purposes, but it is the perfect size to work in.

Art Studio of Cedar Lee

The lighting out there is excellent, with huge double doors on one wall, 2 large windows and a skylight. In addition to the windows, there’s plenty of extra ventilation, (important when painting) with 4 wall vents and a ridge vent.

Progress on Art Studio of Cedar Lee

As you can see in these photos, the interior is still unfinished. We have begun wiring it for electricity, and next will be insulation, sheetrock, interior paint, lighting and climate control.

Progress on Art Studio of Cedar Lee

I’m debating whether or not to put in additional flooring, since I’m just going to get paint all over the floor anyway, and the wood we’ve already got down is solid enough.

Progress on Art Studio of Cedar Lee

This is such a peaceful place to create. My little work sanctuary is surrounded on all sides by avocado trees. The ground is always dappled with the sunlight filtering through the leaves, and there is often the sound of a gentle breeze and birds calling overhead.

View From Art Studio of Cedar Lee

Even though it’s not finished yet, I’ve already been painting out there, just sitting on the floor in the middle of a dropcloth with my canvas and paints.

I can’t tell you how much I’m looking forward to the studio being completely finished so I can move all my furnishings, shelves, supplies and easel out there! I have been dreaming of a studio space like this for 10 years.

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