Distant Lake & Cocoon

I have 2 new paintings…one of them continues the exploration I started with “Shenandoah Splendor” of faraway mountains, atmosphere, and gradations of color in landscape. This one is loosely based on a photo I took somewhere in the middle of Mexico (I studied Spanish abroad for 3 weeks in 2004) on one of many excursions to the ruins of ancient Mayan cities. The focus of this painting is not on anything ancient or Mayan, however, but on the beautiful landscape of the area.

“Distant Lake” 28″ x 46″

distant lake

The second new painting came totally from my imagination and was very spontaneous and emotional. Every now and then I just start playing around with paint with a sense of complete detachment from the final outcome. Usually I just get a bunch of rubbish that I end up painting over, and sometimes I get something that’s basically rubbish but has inspired me with an idea for future paintings. And once in awhile, my efforts materialize into something with both aesthetic strength and meaning. I like this one.

“Cocoon” 16″ x 20″


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  1. I really like your compositions and use of color. I have been visiting your site and also wrote to you earlier on about adding you to my blog, Alvarez Art. I just realized I have never really commented. Both of these are really lovely. I hope you are getting good exposure from your site. By the way…how do you post the you tube clicks. I have an account but havnt investigated yet?

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