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September 14th, 2018

I just signed as the illustrator for a book by award-winning children’s author Liz Rusch!

I will be creating artwork for the book over the next year, and it is scheduled to be printed in spring of 2020.

Past work: "Sapphire Eclipse." 3 panels, 20" x 60", © Cedar Lee. SOLD

Past work: “Sapphire Eclipse.” 3 panels, 20″ x 60″, © Cedar Lee. SOLD

The theme of the book is the aurora borealis.

Past work: "Moon Watcher." 12" x 36", © Cedar Lee.  SOLD

Past work: “Moon Watcher.” 12″ x 36″, © Cedar Lee.  SOLD

Some of the previous themes I’ve worked with–images of big colorful skies and the cosmos, and of little people experiencing the grandeur of the big world, have prepared me to paint such a theme.

Past work: "Wind in Your Hair." 12" x 16", © Cedar Lee.  SOLD

Past work: “Wind in Your Hair.” 12″ x 16″, © Cedar Lee.  SOLD

I’m looking forward to this project! More news to come.

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  1. Davideon 15 Sep 2018 at 1:21 am

    These are spectacular works, very inspiring! All the best with this project.

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