Book I illustrated coming out this spring! A Search for the Northern Lights

Check out this video for some sneak peeks at the book I illustrated:

A Search for the Northern Lights

A Search for the Northern Lights by Elizabeth Rusch & Izzi Rusch, will be released on April 14th, 2020.

A mother-daughter story of an adventure-filled search for the amazing aurora borealis. Alix and her mom are fascinated by the nighttime light displays in the sky known as auroras, or northern lights, but being able to see them in person proves to be more challenging than expected. Where do they appear? When? How could Alix and her mom get there to see the auroras before they disappear from the sky? Inspired by the authors’ own experiences, A Search for the Northern Lights brings the reader along on a fascinating journey as Alix and her mom eagerly learn what auroras are and how to find them. The book also includes science and more information on auroras, plus a helpful guide for those hoping to catch their own glimpse of the incredible northern lights.

You can order an illustrator-signed copy from me.

Or order your copy (not signed) from:


*Barnes & Noble

*Indie Bound

The authors: Elizabeth Rusch co-authored this book with her teenager, Izzi!

Liz Rusch, author

The publisher is West Margin Press.

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