Autumn’s Meridian

One of the definitions of the word meridian is: “a point or period of highest development, greatest prosperity, or the like.” I wanted this painting to represent the period of highest development and greatest prosperity in the season of autumn–referring more specifically to the period of the highest intensity of color in the fall leaves–that one day when the leaves have been changing gradually for weeks and suddenly you look around at all the trees and the transformation is overwhelming. The whole world for a short time is made unreal by an unnatural vibrancy.

Autumn’s Meridian

72″ x 48″, Acrylic on Canvas

Autumn\'s Meridian

A happy little bluebird sits on one of the branches. (Do bluebirds really hang out in this type of tree during this season? I’m not sure, but this one definitely belongs here.)

Autumn\'s Meridian, Detail

You can’t really get the full impact of this painting unless you see it in person, because of its large scale.

Autumn\'s Meridian, Scale

Here’s what it looks like in a room:

Autumn\'s Meridian In Room

4 thoughts on “Autumn’s Meridian”

  1. Hello.

    You have been busy. I like the tree. Congratulations on the garden. Fortunately, the horses in the Maryland area are probably not eating bermuda grass so their manure is safe to put in the garden. Not so here. I can appreciate your enthusiasm over that resource. My garden is in limbo due to lack of compostible materials.

    I hope all went well with your wisdom teeth surgery.

  2. thanks for the great video on stretching. cool painting too. about to stretch my first canvas…didn’t realize what i was in for!! holy mackerel.
    find RED FLAG SURF STUDIO on Facebook and you can see my stuff.
    thanks again!

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