All of my paintings have painted edges. I’m in love with this look!

Cedar Lee paintings with painted edges
Mt. Tabor Morning (sold) & Stand Together (sold)

I create each piece of art on a cradled wood panel or a gallery-wrapped stretched canvas.

Close-up detail of Cedar Lee painting of magnolia flowers titled Gratitude
Close-up detail:Gratitude

The painting continues from the front face of the canvas and wraps around onto the edges.

In the studio, it’s a little more work during the painting process for me to incorporate the details of the painting onto the sides. But this attention to detail has become my habit, and I think it’s worth the effort. The finished result is so interesting every time!

Close-up detail of Cedar Lee painting titled Blue Mist
Close-up detail: Blue Mist

This dramatic, modern look is clean and elegant.

Painting by Cedar Lee with painted edges: Change is the Only Constant
Change is the Only Constant

The artwork is ready to hang in any contemporary setting–no framing required.

Of course, adding a frame is always an option, and this is left to the discretion of the art buyer. You may prefer to get your art framed to fit your personal style or the unique decor of the room.

Close-up detail of painting by Cedar Lee, titled The Path
Close-up detail: The Path

Getting a painting ready-to-hang with this fully-finished look means you don’t have to make the decision about framing right away. You can hang it right now.

Then, take your time shopping for the perfect frame, or live with it for a while to see if the style appeals to you. It’s up to you

Note: My canvas art prints come with the printed image wrapping around the edges of the canvas, mimicking the painted edges of my originals!

Art By Cedar Canvas Art Print
Yes, this is a print! The image wraps around the edges of the stretched canvas.
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