Lemon Eclair Sunflower Paintings

So, here’s the story with my Sunflower paintings.  I’ve made 26 in this series, and as of a few weeks ago, all 26 have been sold!  More recently, they’ve been selling very quickly, and now I have people waiting for new ones to be completed.

I have 2 pre-sold to a Utah art gallery, 6 more pre-sold to a client of my North Carolina gallery, and 9 more promised to them so they’ll have something to display in the coming months.

Wish me luck on the sunflower-oil-painting marathon I’m about to undertake!  (Now is not a good time for the muse to desert me.)

Here are 2 new ones I’ve just completed!  Both are 16″ x 16″, Oil on Hardboard Panels.

Lemon Eclair II

Sunflower Painting by Cedar Lee: Lemon Eclair II

Lemon Eclair III

Sunflower Painting by Cedar Lee: Lemon Eclair III

Like all of my Sunflower paintings, the edges of each panel are 1.5″ deep, with the painting continuing onto the edges.


Sunflower Paintings by Cedar Lee: Lemon Eclair II & III

I’m dreaming of what kind of sunflowers are coming next.  Time for me to get cracking!

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