From the Art By Cedar Archives: Convergence

This is one of my early forest paintings, created shortly after graduating from Goucher College with my degree in studio art. I believe it was included that year in my first solo show in an arts center.


Convergence. 44" x 30", Acrylic on Canvas, © Cedar Lee 2006
Convergence. 44″ x 30″, Acrylic on Canvas, © Cedar Lee 2006

So titled because of the one-point perspective illusion of the trees converging towards each other as they reach towards the sky.

I’ve always loved this effect when standing in a shady forest, of glowing yellow-green light peeking through the spaces between the trees, coming from a nearby sunny clearing. On the ground, in between the deep black shadows of the tree trunks are patches of warm light–the pink/orange browns of pine needles and rich wet earth.

I like that this painting is like a rainbow—red-orange at the bottom, yellow-green in the middle, and blue-violet at the top.

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