Eclipse IV & V

Here are the two paintings I made last weekend.

Eclipse IV, Acrylic/Canvas, 8 x 10″

Eclipse V, Acrylic/Canvas, 8 x 10″

They’re on display at Distinction Gallery until Feb. 4th, and you can bid on them here: Auction. At the moment, one of the paintings only has one bid and the other only two bids, so your chances of getting one of these for very cheap is really good right now! Proceeds will go to ArtHatch’s teen art program.

Here’s a sneak peek at a work in progress. It’s so big I am working on the floor instead of using my easel. It’s two canvases, each 24 x 36″, for a total size of 2 feet x 6 feet.

I’m only filling in large blocks of color right now, my first step in the painting process. It will look very different by the time it’s done!

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