Children’s Book Illustration: Behind the Scenes

I am the illustrator of the children’s book A Search for the Northern Lights by Elizabeth Rusch and Izzi Rusch,* published by West Margin Press.

I originally made this presentation to give during an elementary school visit as part of the book launch this spring. However, the COVID-19 pandemic means that school visit likely won’t happen soon. So, I put it into video form to share with you all!

Children’s Book Illustration: Behind the Scenes with Cedar Lee

Please show this video to any children in your life who love art and science, and are interested in learning about the work that goes into illustrating a book!

*Correction! I realized after-the-fact that I mispronounced Liz & Izzi’s last name. For the record, the authors’ last name, Rusch, rhymes with “Rush.”

I would love to send you an illustrator-signed copy of this book. You can order a copy from my website anytime.

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