Milky Way Mountain Art

These paintings combine two of the most spectacular sights on Earth: A majestic mountain peak viewed from a distance, and the Milky Way galaxy spread out across a night sky.

Each mountain shown here is identifiable by its distinctive shape, and those familiar with that location will recognize which mountain it is. These mountain peaks have special significance to certain people. Whether it is hikers, climbers or ski enthusiasts who have been up to the summit, or simply people who live in the region of the mountain, these locations are close to our hearts. Many of us have memories of driving past a view of a particular mountain on a road trip, or catching a glimpse of the mountain in the distance from the vantage point of a special place.

The magnificent Milky Way is depicted in an abstract art style, the billions of stars shown in paint drips and splatters. These paintings of mountain peaks and the Milky Way will appeal to people who enjoy the crossover of representational and abstract painting.

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