Wrapping up the Forest Show

January 12th, 2014

A quick reminder: There are only a couple weeks left to see my work up at Art Tradition Gallery in Escondido before the show comes down!

The next show at the gallery has a springtime theme, and I’ll be exhibiting three of my Lotus paintings there starting next month. But to see the current exhibit (minus the sold paintings which have already gone to their new homes) make sure to stop by before the end of the month–all the current art will be coming down on January 31st.

Art Tradition Gallery is at 321 E Grand Ave, Escondido CA 92025.

Here is a photo of myself (center) with the other exhibiting artists during Escondido’s 2nd Saturday ArtWalk last night. It’s an honor to show my work alongside so much local talent!

Artists of The Forest show at Art Tradition Gallery in Escondido, CA

L to R: Kotinca Kat Kerbs, Alexandra Sasha Babic, Cedar Lee, Darrel McPherson, Brad Kaskin

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  1. Meganon 13 Jan 2014 at 10:17 am

    Hello Cedar!
    I’m a longtime fan of yours; making good use of your YouTube video tutorials and insights. I just wanted to come to your blog to thank you for them. I got my BFA from Syracuse University back in 2000 and I went into the graphic design field for several years. After I got married, I worked for myself for a while (doing letterpress wedding invites and birth announcements) and then I had my children;which is quite the full-time job as you know! I’ve missed my original love: painting/art-making so I’m now exploring mediums I most enjoy and figuring out my style and what I most like to paint. It’s taking years, but I figure I don’t have lots of time to focus fully until my 2 kids are in school. Now is the time to focus on them and also work out my ideas/experiment with my work. Your videos have been so encouraging and helpful and leave me feeling like “I can do it.” I’d eventually like to develop a good body of work and exhibit/sell. Sometimes I get very overwhelmed and feel like I have so much to learn and it will never happen; but I try my best to focus on the positive. I enjoy your work and seeing your process so I wanted to stop by and introduce myself and let you know I very much appreciate all you do for the art community. I saw this video the other day (on Vimeo) and it took my breath away and it also made me think of you and your work so I wanted to share it with you. (It’s beautiful celestial time-lapse work.) Have a great day and thank you again! https://vimeo.com/82123812

  2. Cedar Leeon 22 Feb 2014 at 11:52 am

    Hi Megan, I’ve seen that video before and it is breathtaking! Thanks for your kind words. Good luck in starting your art career!

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