The Red Car

September 3rd, 2013

Here is a new painting I just finished, a commissioned work for a friend of mine who’s an auto enthusiast. It’s a 3rd generation Mazda RX-7.

It was a fun departure from my current work to flex my photo-realism muscles again for a bit! I’ve done quite a bit of realistic work in the past, mostly portraits and landscapes, which you can see if you’re inclined to browse the Art By Cedar Archives.

I painted the car itself with the help of an excellent reference photo from my client, while the background is entirely made up and painted from my imagination. I think the result is beautiful, from the vivid colors down to every detail.

The Red Car. 24″ x 24″, Oil on Wood, © 2013 Cedar Lee

The Red Car. 24″ x 24″, Oil on Wood, © 2013 Cedar Lee

Contact me for pricing and other info if you’re interested in commissioning a painting. My time is currently very limited, but as always, I will entertain any requests.

Now back to the studio where several other works of art concurrently await me in their various stages!

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